Learn Chrome Dev Tools

Have you always wanted to learn how to use the developer tools in your web browser? Or do you want to learn the ins and outs of debug­ging your sites?

CodeSchool have released a fant­astic range of tutorial videos and inter­act­ive quizzes designed to teach you how to use and make the most of the Chrome dev tools inter­act­ively by modi­fy­ing the tutorial code your­self. It’s really quite clever.

Discover Devtools

The Devtools course fea­tures sev­eral chapters, each tak­ing you through a series of videos and quizzes which teach you to use a skill then assess your know­ledge from within the browser.

  • Check out these Chrome Devtools tutorials.
  • Each tutorial comes with a video and a quiz.
  • The tutorials are HTML based and work with the live developer tools.

The early quizzes work straight up, but more advanced ones such as the source edit­ing, pro­fil­ing and debug­ging require a Chrome plu­gin to track your progress.

If you’re work­ing on Javascript game devel­op­ment, you should def­in­itely check this out for the chapters on per­form­ance and pro­fil­ing. Even if you’re a vet­eran developer, you may still learn a thing or two, so check it out.


CodeSchool is an ini­ti­at­ive to teach you web devel­op­ment lan­guages and tech­niques from the com­fort of your own browser. It fea­tures a num­ber of classes from web design to pro­gram­ming and is a great way to learn new skills by exper­i­ence.

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