Coder inspiration: js13k game competition roundup

The js13k game com­pet­i­tion has fin­ished, and there’s a bunch of really impress­ive games come out of it.

If you’re look­ing for some inspir­a­tion to get going on your next game pro­ject, check out some of these awe­some entries.

The Winner

Pest Control : Weasels by Siorki The win­ner of the com­pet­i­tion this year was the entry Pest Control : Weasels by Siorki, a remix of the old Lemmings theme.

In this game you don’t con­trol the weasels (aka lem­mings) but instead have to modify the envir­on­ment in order to kill as many as pos­sible. It’s a hil­ari­ous twist on the ori­ginal game, and worthy of top place.

  • Canvas
  • Desktop & Mobile

Other not­able entries

There were over 100 entries this time around and I really enjoyed both play­ing and see­ing what people came up with. You can browse the full list of entries on, or read on for my picks of the competition.

Air Fury: A par­al­lax shooter

Air Fury by Mike Ferron Air Fury by Mike Ferron is a hil­ari­ous fast-paced side-scrolling shooter which is impress­ive for it’s slick con­trols and gor­geous graphics.

The aim is to shoot down as many enemy planes and boats as you can, while you fly around the play­ing area, avoid­ing bullets.

It’s a really simple game but it’s executed per­fectly. I love the par­al­lax back­ground and reflect­ive water in this one, it’s a really gor­geous game in 13 kilo­bytes. Check it out on desktop.

  • Canvas
  • Desktop only

Virtual War: Sidescroller shooter

Virtual War by Rémi Vansteelandt Virtual War by Rémi Vansteelandt is a sidescrolling shooter where the main goal is to shoot everything in your way.

I par­tic­u­larly like this game because it has a bunch of neat effects includ­ing giant mega pixels in an old-school dis­play grid, as well as motion blur and gen­eral super smooth animation.

  • Canvas
  • Desktop & mobile

Compact Conflict: turn-based strategy

Compact Conflict by Jakub Wasilewski One of my favour­ites of the com­pet­i­tion is Compact Conflict by Jakub Wasilewski.

This one took a while to grow on me because I ini­tially didn’t under­stand the aim of the game, but after work­ing out the rules it became one of the games I spent the most time play­ing. The goal is to take over the greatest amount of space on the game board within twelve moves, while cap­tur­ing land and towers from other play­ers and upgrad­ing with vari­ous powerups.

If you’re a strategy per­son, this one’s a lot of fun and has a lot of replay value.

  • HTML & SVG
  • Desktop & mobile

Super Pinto Rally Racer: Insane HTML experiment

Super Pinto Rally Racer by Brian Cerceo Super Pinto Rally Racer by Brian Cerceo is an amaz­ing exper­i­ment in mod­ern HTML. It uses DOM ele­ments and CSS trans­forms to anim­ate a faux-3D racing game, and it’s amaz­ingly good.

The goal is to knock over as many cones in the least amount of time, and there’s a num­ber of dif­fer­ent levels to try. This one is impress­ive for the sheer com­plex­ity of the DOM manip­u­la­tion, and you should def­in­itely check it out if only to won­der at the CSS-fu.

  • HTML & CSS
  • Desktop only

More inspir­a­tion

You can click through to play each of the games, as well as view the source code or fol­low the developers on Twitter, and there’s a bunch of other games on I haven’t reviewed that you can also go through for inspiration.

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